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Manglik Dosha

When you are said to have or Some body says “Aapka Mangal Bhaari Hai” or “Aapka Mangal Neech Ka Hai” it means that you are in serious trouble that not only affects your chances of marriage but also creates incompleteness in all efforts that you make in your life time. This is an alarming situation which needs urgent attention if you need multifacet success in life it is almost impossible to to attain it with no upaya done for .



Like our lives the astrology also believes there is a world of souls. When our Pitras come in the control of bad and negative souls it is believed that  we are under the influence of Pitra Dosh.

 A lot of people suffer from depression, family disputes etc under this Dosha.

It is always advisable to remain out of the influence of the if you want to lead a happy life.


Bhukat Dosha

In Indian Astrology, is comes in janam patri match. this dosha is depend on sun and moon position.  is remove when Moon signs in the natal horoscopes of Male and Female are making a pair of 6-8, 9-5, or 12-2 with each other. these are the number of astrology chart.



is also one of the alarming situations that very very strongly affects your fortune throughout your life. Especially it affects more when the person under its influence is young. He gets demotivated looking at the state of things which is obvious as there will not be anything that he will be able to achieve completely during this period of his life.



is one more category. This is more or less a of a particular specification only. The scientific astrologers generally design Rudraksh in such a fashion that it suits your stars and backs you up in all spheres of life like Professional life, Social Life and family life.



In the spiritual space Mantra is defined as pronunciation of certain sounds that reach the universe and comes back like a boomerang in form of positivity , energy and fortune.

The one example of Mantra that I can remember is for the Planet Sun and has very effective results for people who have chanted this mantra every day in the morning.

Om jabaakusuma sankaasham kaashyapayam mahaadyutim

Tamorim sarvapaapaghnam pranato-smi divaakaram

Om suryaaya namah



has gained less awareness among the people round the globe. Under certain circumstances of your stars Yantras can play a very vital role to replenish your fortune to a great extent. Yantras are not only symbolic of certain things they also have effect on your fate. interesting to know is that most of you don’t even know certain Yantras you always carry with yourself unknowingly.